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TRAIL Mail #38: Friday 02 October 2020

Ways to recover faster and better.
Read TRAIL 37 for 240 pages of stoke.
Competition winners announced today.

     In this issue

  1. From the Team. Can you recover faster and better? Enjoy Kings Kloof. 
  2. Photo of the week. The Freeths take on Wartrail.
  3. News. Lucky number 8 for ultras. Mountain races are happening in November.
  4. Funny. Too cold, too wet, too tired, too many excuses.
  5. Trail Poll.  Do you pay for Strava? Join the debate .

  6. Calendar. Level 1 Lockdown makes trail events a possibility.
  7. Gear. Groundlive GL100 Earthing Sheet.
  8. Competition. Win Saucony Peregrine 10 Mutant. Grit X and First Ascent winners.
  9. TRAIL digital. Read issue 37 on multiple devices. Easy signup, via our site.

Phew! It's Friday! Know the feeling? I trust it's been a good week for you.

Issue 37 is on sale on all platforms barring Zinio (which we expect to go live today).

One of the articles I found really interesting in it was the one on recovery. We spoke to a trail running physiotherapist and four 'regular' trail runners for their go-to technology to enhance recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

It's intriguing what works for different people, and the methods they listed were:

  • Light exercises and 'traditional' recovery – Tarrin van Niekerk (physio)
  • Compression boots – Ingrid Hauger
  • Ozone therapy – Trish Eksteen
  • Red light therapy – Feige Lewin
  • Massage gun – Fabrizio Venturi

One technology we didn't cover in issue 37 but will go deep into in issue 38 (out mid-December) is earthing. It's something we all do naturally when we're barefoot on suitable surfaces, but what about extending our exposure to earthing when we're not in contact with the ground – like sleeping or sitting at our desks wearing shoes or in carpeted rooms?

To get up to speed with earthing, see Groundlive's ad in this newsletter, and watch The Earthing Movie on Youtube. Groundlive comes recommended by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche, who has written our article for issue 38.

Until next week, happy trails!

Deon Braun, TRAIL publisher

Explore Kings Kloof, Gauteng.

We asked our Facebook followers where they went for a 100% pure singletrack run, and many named Kings Kloof. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Kings Kloof trails climb up a rocky ridge. Khuliso Mulaudzi ran the 25km Red Route and wrote about it in our 100% Pure Singletrack venue feature.

“The initial ascent is breathtaking, and the beautiful views distract you from your pain. Soon you will hit the beautiful fresh waterfall, where you can cool off or fill up your reservoir. The Blue, Red, and Black routes go past the waterfall.”

TRAIL 37 features five 100% Pure Singletrack trails: Mill Park (EC), Kings Kloof (GP), Kloof Mountain (FS), Everton Conservancy (KZN), and Kleinmond (WC).

Happy weekend!

Heloise Hunter, TRAIL editor


Otter African Trail Run
(Challenge). Wed 28 – Thu 29 October (EC). 5km/42km. Storms River. Run the reverse route west to east from Nature’s Valley to Stormsriver Mouth with 2,600m of ascent, 11 hour cut-off.

We loved seeing your photos on Monday's Trail Trophy Facebook thread.

In our favourite this week, Kelly Freeth treks up a mighty climb on Wartrail. She and husband Paul, who posted the photo, managed to get a bit lost on their 40km mountain run from Pitlochrie Farm to Wartrail.

Their photo may appear in a future TRAIL issue – and so could yours.

Share your #TrailTrophies on Facebook and Twitter at any time. Use that hashtag and #trailmagpix on Instagram and Twitter when you tag us. Or email us. Be sure to tell us a bit about your run for the caption. (Please note: event photographer images aren't used.)

Prefer words? Write a letter instead. Your opinions, life-changing experiences, happy and sad memories, and reflections on our sport are waiting to be shared with the community. If your letter is published, you'll receive a pair of run-specific Feetures socks.

A Karkloof100 runner navigates the rolling famland. photo Graham Daniel | 369Communications

Lucky number 8.

Is 8 your lucky number? It seems to be the magic shape for ultra runs coming out of lockdown.

Last weekend Karkloof100 held a successful 100 mile run, fully compliant with regulations. Organisers pulled it off by creating a figure-eight route with Karkloof Country Club in the middle. The loops were 19km (Milk) and 21km (Honey) to be repeated by the 50 mile (80km) and 100 mile (160km) runners until they completed their full distance.

Jock Green won the race, and shared the podium with Martin Malherbe and Beniamino Pellegrini, the only three to finish in a single day. (Regulations meant that other runners had to stop their runs during the curfew overnight.) Another 22 runners finished their 160km on the second day, and the final three finished on the third day. Su-Yen Thornhill and Carla Lea Farina shared the women's win, with Sandy Weltan in third.

The magical 8 will also help UTCT rise like a phoenix! They had to cancel their 100km event, due to its international and congregational nature. However, they will be putting on a Special Edition on 27 November, with two 25km loops and Gardens Rugby Club in the centre. Runners can take on the Devil's Loop or the Atlantic Loop, or both!

Mountain runs are a go!

Other good news for your mountain running future: both K-Way SkyRun and Stagger Trail will take place.

K-Way SkyRun has 38km, 65km, and 100km events from Wartrail Country Club, Lady Grey, on 14 November.

Stagger Trail offers 21km and 38km options from Premier Resort Sani Pass on 21 November.


Otter African Trail Run (Race). Fri 30 & Sat 31 October (EC)
Otter African Trail Run. 5km/42km. Storms River. Run the reverse route west to east from Nature’s Valley to Stormsriver Mouth with 2,600m of ascent. Cut-off extended by an hour to nine hours.

Dassie and RockRat Trail Runs. Sat 31 October (EC)
6km, 10km. Storms River. Over rocks, roots, pebbles, through riverbeds and up steep climbs. Start 8:30am. R200/R240.

Listen to your body, NOT the excuse machine!

React on the Facebook post.

Source: The Awkward Yeti

To pay or not to pay for Strava?

Those who started to pay for premium Strava, reacted with a ❤️️
And those who are sticking to the free version, gave the post a 👍 react.
They explained their decision in the comments.

Respond to our Facebook post to join the debate.

Certain events have negotiated with authorities to go ahead in level 1. If you organise a trail event, please send us the details. If your event was postponed and you have set a new date, please send it to us. Listing in our month ahead web calendar and the magazine's long-term calendar is FREE.

Look out for trail events later in the year when you scroll to the bottom of our web calendar


Otter African Trail Run (run). Fri 30 & Sat 31 October (EC)
Otter African Trail Run. 5km/42km. Storms River. Run the reverse route west to east from Nature’s Valley to Stormsriver Mouth with 2,600m of ascent. Cut-off extended to 9 hours!

Dassie and RockRat Trail Runs. Sat 31 October (EC)
6km, 10km. Storms River. Over rocks, roots, pebbles, through riverbeds and up steep climbs. Start 8:30am. R200/R240.

NEW COMPETITION. The new Saucony Peregrine 10 Mutant is a limited edition colourway of the American brand's most popular trail shoe. Its recommended retail is R2,400.

To enter, visit the competition page and remember to keep an eye out on social media to gain extra points.

WINNER NAMED TODAY. We'll announce the winner of the Polar Grit X multisport smartwatch at 10am today. This brand-new offering from the iconic Finnish brand is an uncompromising combination of rugged and durable design, top training features, and the ultimate training platform. It retails for R8,995.
ISSUE 36 SURVEY: We'll announce the two winners of a R3,000 First Ascent hamper each at 9am today.

TRAIL 36 is our first all-digital issue, now available direct from our website for the lowest price anywhere. There's also no need to download an app, so it's quick and simple. We hope you enjoy its 188 pages of trail running inspiration, with a complete redesign to improve readability on both small and large screens. You'll find that the length of articles has increased too. We are doing even more of that in issue 37 (on sale end September).

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Solution: Please first purchase issue 36 as a standalone issue, and subscribe for issues 37 and later separately.

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